any of various large, terrestrial monkeys of the genus Papio and related genera, of Africa and Arabia, having a doglike muzzle, large cheek pouches, and a short tail.
a coarse, ridiculous, or brutish person, especially one of low intelligence.
Contemporary Examples

“I find ‘the baboon’ suits him better than his real name,” she adds caustically.
Tristane Banon Takes a Victory Lap Tracy McNicoll October 23, 2011

In the book, Strauss-Kahn is identified only as the “pig,” “baboon,” or “baboon-man.”
Tristane Banon Takes a Victory Lap Tracy McNicoll October 23, 2011

I am an Afrikaner and I want to show that baboon Julius Malema.
Murder Threatens Mandela’s Dream Charlayne Hunter-Gault April 20, 2010

Historical Examples

He displays much skill and a great degree of caution in playing these pranks upon the baboon when at close170 range.
Gorillas & Chimpanzees R. L. Garner

“Go to the devil, and take your baboon with you,” cursed the new arrival.
A Hungarian Nabob Maurus Jkai

If some species of baboon had taken to the hunting-life, there might have been very interesting results.
The Origin of Man and of his Superstitions Carveth Read

Occasionally a man would slip, or be pulled over in the grip of a baboon.
Allan’s Wife H. Rider Haggard

After all, it was the baboon that suffered most, if his yells were any index to his feelings.
McClure’s Magazine, Vol. XXXI, No. 4, August 1908 Various

He showed his great teeth and grinned and growled, as a baboon in a rage is apt to do.
Heads and Tales Various

But loping easily along as his ancestors might have pursued a baboon or antelope, Shir K’han overtook the screaming human.
Deepfreeze Robert Donald Locke

any of several medium-sized omnivorous Old World monkeys of the genus Papio (or Chaeropithecus) and related genera, inhabiting open rocky ground or wooded regions of Africa. They have an elongated muzzle, large teeth, and a fairly long tail See also hamadryas, gelada

type of ape, c.1400, babewyn, earlier “a grotesque figure used in architecture or decoration” (early 14c.), from French babouin “baboon,” from Old French baboin “ape,” earlier “simpleton, dimwit, fool” (13c.), also “gaping figure (such as a gargoyle),” so perhaps from Old French baboue “grimacing;” or perhaps it is imitative of the ape’s babbling speech-like cries. Also cf. -oon. German Pavian “baboon” is from Dutch baviaan, from Middle Dutch baubijn, a borrowing of the Old French word.


An uncouth or stupid person: Outta my way, you baboon!

noun phrase

A large, dangerous man •Nearly always used affectionately of a man by a woman (1940s+)

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