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any of several leguminous trees of the genus Acacia that yield a gum, especially A. nilotica, of tropical Africa.
the gum, pods, or bark of such a tree.
Historical Examples

The favourite sites for nests in the United Provinces seem to be babul trees that grow near borrow pits alongside the railroad.
A Bird Calendar for Northern India Douglas Dewar

Toddy palms are most commonly chosen, but in Northern India, where palms are but rarely seen, a babul tree is usually utilised.
Birds of the Plains Douglas Dewar

Little islands dotted the surface, covered with rushes and date palms, the wild plum, and the babul—all growing thickly together.
Banked Fires E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi

any of several leguminous trees of the genus Acacia, esp A. arabica of N Africa and India, which bear small yellow flowers and are a source of gum arabic, tannin, and hardwood


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