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Baby boomer

a person born during a baby boom, especially one born in the U.S. between 1946 and 1965.
Contemporary Examples

The angsty drama gave voice to baby boomer woes about navigating adulthood when the show debuted in 1987.
The Yes List – Where the Wild Things Are Makes Beautiful Music The Daily Beast August 27, 2009

Among an older, baby boomer cohort (ages 55 to 69) only 16 percent ever attended such full-time Jewish educational institutions.
What It Means That ‘New York Jew’ Is No Longer Synonymous With ‘Liberal’ Michael Medved June 14, 2012

Technically, Ramis was not a baby boomer, having been born in 1944.
How Harold Ramis Invented Baby Boom Comedy With ‘Animal House’ P. J. O’Rourke February 26, 2014

To pollsters, a late 50-something is a baby boomer and an early 40-something is a Gen-Xer.
The Rise of the New New Left Peter Beinart September 11, 2013

You may know that everyone agrees that Social Security and Medicare must be reformed before the baby boomer onslaught hits.
End the Tax-Break Scam Michael Tomasky May 7, 2011

We are two Democrats, one of us a baby boomer and the other a millennial.
Goodbye, Blue: A Post-Obama Democratic Doctrine Doug Schoen, Jessica Tarlov November 14, 2013

Still4Hill, who described her age as “baby boomer,” said it was the 2008 campaign that sparked her devotion.
Inside the World of Hillary Superfans David Freedlander April 22, 2014

Technically, Romney is a baby boomer and Ryan hails from generation X. Romney grew up the son of a governor.
Double the Pomade: The Aggressively Groomed Style Of Romney And Ryan Robin Givhan August 11, 2012

noun phrase

A person born during the baby boom following World War II (1970s+)


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