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Baby talk

the speech of children learning to talk, marked by syntactic differences from adult speech and by phonetic modifications like lisping, lalling, and the omission and substitution of sounds.
a style of speech used by adults in addressing children, pets, or sweethearts, and formed in imitation of the voice and pronunciation of children learning to talk: it is generally characterized in English by the addition of diminutive endings to words, the use of special words and pet names, and the systematic distortion of certain words, as dolly for doll, teensy-weensy for tiny, oo for you, and twain for train.
Historical Examples

Janet understood Trouble’s baby talk better than any one else, and she soon had his story out of him.
The Curlytops and Their Playmates Howard R. Garis

All dialect and “baby talk” has been left as in the original.
Jan and Her Job L. Allen Harker

The tales told by the first Spaniards are baby talk to the stories told to-day by those who have been and seen and are fascinated.
The Amazing Argentine John Foster Fraser

Unmistakeably it was baby talk and as such it moved my heart.
The Brain Alexander Blade

I chose a pleasant, shady road, and drove slowly, while Bessie and her mother filled the air with baby talk.
That Mother-in-Law of Mine Anonymous

He brought these offerings in lieu of baby talk, which he could never master.
Round the Block John Bell Bouton

He monopolized the baby, and showed immense power in the way of baby talk and of tending.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Edward E. Hale

When he does this the teacher may note his particular speech defect, or the special form of baby talk to which he may be addicted.
The Montessori Method Maria Montessori

“baby talk” is not used and the parents speak to the babies just as though they were speaking to grown-ups.
The Upward Path Various

From that on all she spouts is baby talk,160 while she mauls and paws him around like he was a sack of meal.
Torchy As A Pa Sewell Ford

the speech of very young children learning to talk
an adult’s imitation of this


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