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a gambling game at cards played by a banker and two or more punters who bet against the banker.
Historical Examples

Jack, she knew very well, had no intention of breaking with Alington, because the latter had cheated at baccarat.
Mammon and Co. E. F. Benson

But as to Ronnie, bridge and baccarat and poker-patience are positively all that he thinks about.
Beasts and Super-Beasts Saki

She passed through the baccarat room, came out again and walked the whole length of the larger apartment.
Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo E. Phillips Oppenheim

The headquarters of the 37th Division were at baccarat on the Alsatian border.
The Fight for the Argonne William Benjamin West

Then he sang comic songs in the drawing-room, and discussed the methods of cheating at baccarat.
Dodo, Volumes 1 and 2 Edward Frederic Benson

“I make the company a present of the only safe way to cheat at baccarat,” he said.
Mammon and Co. E. F. Benson

These games of baccarat soon became an institution, but I am glad to say that I never “plunged,” and never played beyond my means.
Trooper 3809 Lionel Decle

At some country-house party he’d been accused of cheating at baccarat.
The Brightener C. N. Williamson

His attitude in this baccarat affair has been strictly honourable, although open to criticism.
As the Crow Flies Walter Phelps Dodge

I’m regularly haunted by the recollection of my losses at baccarat.
Mr. Punch in Bohemia Various

a card game in which two or more punters gamble against the banker

card game, 1848, from French baccara (19c.), of unknown origin. Baccarat is the name of a town in France that was noted for glass-making.


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