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a combining form meaning “berry,” used in the formation of compound words:


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  • Baccy

    Older Use. tobacco. Historical Examples He had been a smoker like the rest of the crew, but he gave up “baccy.” The Lively Poll R.M. Ballantyne He stood there by the railin’s a shavin’ up a plug o’ baccy to put in his pipe. Oldtown Fireside Stories Harriet Beecher Stowe “The notions come and go, […]

  • Bacciferous

    bearing or producing berries. Historical Examples bacciferous (bak-sif′ėr-us), bearing berries; Bac′ciform, of the shape of a berry; Bacciv′orous, living on berries. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various adjective bearing berries

  • Bacciform

    adjective (botany) shaped like a berry bacciform bac·ci·form (bāk’sə-fôrm’) adj. Having a shape or form resembling that of a berry.

  • Bartolommeo

    Fra [frah;; Italian frah] /frɑ;; Italian frɑ/ (Show IPA), (Baccio della Porta) 1475–1517, Italian painter. Historical Examples Bartolommeo showed beautiful invention in masquerades, and was a rare master in making scenic settings for comedies. Lives of the most Eminent Painters Sculptors and Architects Giorgio Vasari I do not agree with Vischer in seeing the hand […]

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