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an unmarried man.
a person who has been awarded a bachelor’s degree.
a fur seal, especially a young male, kept from the breeding grounds by the older males.
Also called bachelor-at-arms. a young knight who followed the banner of another.
Also called household knight. a landless knight.
bachelor’s degree.
Contemporary Examples

But some of the women on the show might have ulterior motives for taking part in The bachelor.
‘The Bachelor’: Ex-Contestant Leslie Hughes Spills Nine Secrets About the Show Anna Klassen March 9, 2013

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Blankfein returned to Harvard for law school, then practiced as a tax lawyer.
Lloyd Blankfein’s Bittersweet Journey Jacob Bernstein May 1, 2010

The success this year of Modern Family, Castle, The bachelor, and Dancing With the Stars masks deeper problems at the network.
Stephen McPherson Finally Out at ABC Peter Lauria July 26, 2010

What would the bachelor mansion be with a hot tub or two casually waiting around the corner at any given moment?
‘The Bachelorette’ Premiere: ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise by the Numbers Anna Klassen May 27, 2013

Clooney, by contrast, is a 50-something (former) bachelor with a history of commitment issues.
Meet Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney’s Wife Lizzie Crocker, Chris Allbritton September 27, 2014

Historical Examples

If I am to remain a bachelor and you a maiden lady, why, the will of heaven be done!
The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete George Meredith

She had merely to cross the road; he had half a mile to walk to his bachelor abode.
Quaint Courtships Various

Am I to improvise a wife, in my own house, because a stray girl may object to visiting a bachelor?
The Militants Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

Decatur Brown laughed—a light, irresponsible, bachelor laugh.
Quaint Courtships Various

Miss Long seemed more engrossed in looking round Mr. Dampier’s bachelor sitting-room.
The Boy with Wings Berta Ruck


an unmarried man
(as modifier): a bachelor flat

a person who holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, etc
the degree itself

Also called bachelor-at-arms. (in the Middle Ages) a young knight serving a great noble
bachelor seal, a young male seal, esp a fur seal, that has not yet mated

c.1300, “young man;” also “youthful knight, novice in arms,” from Old French bacheler (11c.) “knight bachelor,” a young squire in training for knighthood, of uncertain origin, perhaps from Medieval Latin baccalarius “vassal farmer,” one who helps or tends a baccalaria “section of land.” Or from Latin baculum “a stick,” because the squire would practice with a staff, not a sword. Meaning evolved from “knight in training” to “young unmarried man” (early 14c.). Bachelor party as a pre-wedding ritual is from 1882.


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