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an unmarried young woman.
Contemporary Examples

Fewer than 10 percent have showers and 13 percent have bachelor or bachelorette parties.
Post DOMA: Wedding Vendors Hear Bells…Ka-Ching! CNBC June 27, 2013

And so I offer a modest proposal: Get rid of The bachelorette.
It’s About Damn Time for a Gay ‘Bachelor’ Brandy Zadrozny May 26, 2014

The bachelorette who chose Alcala later thought better of it and backed out of their date.
A Serial Killer’s Final Victims? Christine Pelisek January 25, 2011

Married at First Sight is the antithesis of The Bachelor and The bachelorette.
Reality TV’s Arranged Marriage Fail Emily Shire July 8, 2014

Maynard might as well have made an appearance on The bachelorette, what with all the cast mates pining for the Bachelor winner.
The Bachelorette’s 6 Most Humiliating Moments July 30, 2011

When asked if Hughes thought the show would ever feature a Bachelor or bachelorette of color, she was hesitant to respond.
‘The Bachelor’: Ex-Contestant Leslie Hughes Spills Nine Secrets About the Show Anna Klassen March 9, 2013

On The bachelorette premiere, Emily described her five-year plan as “a minivan full of babies!”
‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’: Inside the Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Jennifer L. Pozner May 20, 2012

Only one in twenty had seen a full episode of The Bachelor or The bachelorette, another had tuned in for a rose ceremony.
It’s About Damn Time for a Gay ‘Bachelor’ Brandy Zadrozny May 26, 2014

From a jealous weatherman to a Canadian cad, WATCH VIDEO of the cringe-worthy men of The bachelorette.
TV’s 6 Most Toxic Bachelors The Daily Beast Video June 27, 2010

All reality-show hosts have their shtick, and Chris Harrison’s is that he is the bachelor or bachelorette’s best friend.
Eight Worst Things About ‘The Bachelorette’ Andy Dehnart June 28, 2011

(jocular) a young unmarried professional woman
(Canadian) another word for bachelor apartment

1935, American English, from bachelor with French ending -ette. Replaced earlier bachelor-girl (1895). Middle French had bachelette “young girl;” Modern French bachelière is found only in the “student” sense.


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