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bacillin ba·cil·lin (bə-sĭl’ĭn)
An antibiotic substance produced by a species of Bacillus.


Read Also:

  • Bacillophobia

    noun a fear of microbes, germs Word Origin bacilli ‘bacterial cells’

  • Bacillosis

    bacillosis bacillosis bac·il·lo·sis (bās’ə-lō’sĭs) n. An infection caused by bacilli.

  • Bacilluria

    the presence of bacilli in the urine. noun (pathol) the presence of bacilli in the urine bacilluria bac·il·lu·ri·a (bās’ə-lur’ē-ə) n. The presence of bacilli in the urine.

  • Bacillus calmette guerin

    a weakened strain of the tubercle bacillus, Mycobacterium bovis, used in the preparation of BCG vaccine.

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