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backward and forward; side to side; to and fro:
a back-and-forth shuttling of buses to the stadium; the back-and-forth movement of a clock’s pendulum.
unresolved argument or discussion.
Contemporary Examples

See the back-and-forth allegations of stalking and text-message harassment.
Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton’s Wild Feud: Stalking Allegations and Smear Campaigns The Daily Beast August 18, 2013

After some back-and-forth, Morgan asked: “Can you stop being such a jerk?”
Trash Talk Returns as Pols, Pundits Point Fingers Over Boston Bombing Howard Kurtz April 23, 2013

But surely 100 percent of Americans are tired of all the back-and-forth, and want action taken.
Scrap the Health-Care Bill! Christopher Buckley March 6, 2010

Thus began a flurry of back-and-forth emails between director and subject.
‘Life Itself’: A Fitting, Heartrending Tribute to Cinema’s Great Appreciator Roger Ebert Marlow Stern July 1, 2014

The result of the back-and-forth was guaranteed national publicity for the very ideas the politicians wanted to muzzle.
‘The Gatekeepers,’ Brooklyn College BDS Forum: Week of Israel Debate Gail Sheehy February 7, 2013

Unfortunately, it has become a game of deceit and deception, not the back-and-forth conversation that a great match should be.
Ping Pong’s American Style: The Most Unifying Social Sport August 3, 2012

In this excerpt, Michael Lewis has a back-and-forth with Michael Lewis.
Michael Lewis Interviews Himself: Boycott the Banks! Michael Lewis April 16, 2012

The storylines for global tennis only get better as Nadal and Djokovic continue their back-and-forth.
Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Tennis’s Global Game at the French Open Nicholas McCarvel June 10, 2012

At what point do we start calling this back-and-forth a feud?
Sinead O’Connor Writes Miley Cyrus Another Letter, Britney Spears Thinks Her Video Was Too Sexy Culture Team October 3, 2013

Historical Examples

There was a lot of back-and-forth yelling to make sure that everybody was out from in front, and then the blowers started.
Four-Day Planet Henry Beam Piper


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