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made or done in a backward, awkward, or roundabout manner; also written backassed

Her questions were completely back-assed.
Usage Note

vulgar slang


Read Also:

  • Backswing

    the movement of a bat, racket, or the like, toward the back of a player in preparation for the forward movement with which the ball is struck. Historical Examples On the backswing, it thwacked resoundingly against the thug’s ribcage. Nor Iron Bars a Cage…. Gordon Randall Garrett

  • Back-dated

    to date earlier than the actual date; predate; antedate: Backdate the letter so he’ll think I wrote it last week. verb (transitive) to make effective from an earlier date: the pay rise was backdated to August v. also back-date, by 1881 (implied in back-dated), from back (adv.) + date (v.1). Cf. antedate. Related: Backdated; backdating.

  • Back-end load

    noun the final charges of commission and expenses made by an investment trust, insurance policy, etc, when the investor is paid out

  • Rear-ender

    an accident in which a vehicle or other conveyance has run into the rear of another. noun phrase An automobile accident in which the victim is hit from behind

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