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Back catalog


all of the works previously produced by a recording artist, group, or record company

You can order any recording from that artist’s back catalog.
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  • Back catalogue

    noun the recordings that a musician has made in the past, as distinct from his or her current recording Contemporary Examples In person, Reiner is gregarious and very chatty, regaling you with great anecdotes from his back catalogue. Rob Reiner on the State of Romcoms, ‘The Princess Bride’s’ Alternate Ending, and the Red Viper Marlow […]

  • Back channel

    a secret, unofficial, or informal channel of communication as used in politics or diplomacy: sensitive information passed on through a back channel. Contemporary Examples “It immediately erupted into this back channel of gossip,” Benedetto remembers. A Most Illegal Adventure with New York City’s Wildest Underground Event Planners Nina Strochlic December 15, 2013 The house becomes […]

  • Backchat

    repartee. back talk. noun (informal) the act of answering back, esp impudently noun Impertinent and provocative replies, esp to a superior, elder, etc; back talk, sass (1800s+ British military)

  • Back-check

    to skate back toward one’s defensive zone obstructing or impeding the movement or progress of one or more opponents on attack. Compare check1 (def 15), fore-check. to check over or through; review: Back-check the files to see if the patient’s records are there.

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