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Back in harness

see: in harness


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  • Back in the saddle

    back in the saddle adjective phrase Operational again; restored to function: The economy is back in the saddle/ I have aspirations to get back in the saddle [1940s+; fr a popular cowboy song ”Back in the Saddle Again”]

  • Back issue

    noun a previous issue of a periodical, esp. a magazine Examples Back issues are available but cost more than they did originally. Usage Note UK back number

  • Backlash

    a sudden, forceful backward movement; recoil. a strong or violent reaction, as to some social or political change: a backlash of angry feeling among Southern conservatives within the party. Machinery. the space between the thickness of a gear tooth and the width of the space between teeth in the mating gear, designed to allow for […]

  • Back light

    Movies, Television. a light source placed behind an actor, object, or scene to create a highlight that separates the subject from the background. to illuminate (something) from behind. Historical Examples It has also additional contrivances for utilizing the back light. Michael Faraday J. H. Gladstone I saw a small green snake today, very pretty, the […]

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