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Back line

(in some team sports) the defensive players considered as a unit
Historical Examples

Front and second lines are usually 32 pitch; third line 24 pitch and back line 16 pitch.
Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd.

Seen in profile at a distance, the back line is comparatively straight.
Watched by Wild Animals Enos A. Mills

Holt won on his first service and although Amy returned the next he missed the back line by an inch.
Left Tackle Thayer Ralph Henry Barbour

The back line should be straight and any tendency toward an arched back must be avoided.
Ducks and Geese Harry M. Lamon

“That is what I should do,” said Rendel, moving one of Rachel’s pawns on to the back line.
The Arbiter Lady F. E. E. Bell

The back line of the Aylesbury should be straight, showing no tendency toward a slight concavity as in the Pekin.
Ducks and Geese Harry M. Lamon

For once in my life, I was anxious to be in the chorus, even in the back line.
Believe You Me! Nina Wilcox Putnam

In most beaver the shoulders swell plumply above the back line after the outline of the grizzly bear.
In Beaver World Enos Abijah Mills


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