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Back office

any department or office, as a private office or a department of record keeping, that is not usually seen by outsiders.
Contemporary Examples

Adoboli might have learned how to hide his losses during a stint in the UBS back office before he became a trader.
The Hero Rogue Trader William Underhill September 15, 2011

Everyone—staff, stars, rookies, front office, back office—has to be in top form, at the top of their game.
Tony La Russa Explains How To Make It To The World Series Dave Pottruck October 3, 2014

There are back office people who track who wins by how many seconds.
When a Bomb Goes Off in Afghanistan Heidi Vogt May 11, 2013

But tales from the back office never make the headlines unless there is a screw-up.
How the Shutdown Could Make You Sick Kent Sepkowitz October 2, 2013

And even among those keeping their headquarters in Gotham, many have shipped most of their back office operations elsewhere.
The Revolt Against Urban Gentry Joel Kotkin November 29, 2013

Historical Examples

There was no sign of the thug, but Fats came out of his back office just as Gordon reached the little bar.
Police Your Planet Lester del Rey

I closed the back office door quietly and went back to work.
The Kenzie Report Mark Clifton

After a certain period of the night with Amos in his back office, everything was a blank.
Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew Robert McReynolds

Mr. Wade,” he said, at last, “will you step into my back office with me a moment?
King Spruce, A Novel Holman Day

They’re installing a ‘phone now, and he will sleep on a cot in the back office.
The House of Torchy Sewell Ford


the administrative and support staff of a financial institution or other business
(as modifier): back-office operations


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