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Back payment


See back pay


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  • Back-pedal

    to retard the forward motion by pressing backward on the pedal, especially of a bicycle with coaster brakes. to retreat from or reverse one’s previous stand on any matter; shift ground: to back-pedal after severe criticism. Boxing. to retreat from an opponent, especially by stepping rapidly backward. Historical Examples Several times, when I wanted to […]

  • Back plastering

    the introduction of partitions of lath and plaster between the inner and outer surfaces of a stud wall in order to improve the insulating properties of the wall. parging applied behind the exterior brickwork of a wall in order to exclude moisture and air from the interior of the wall. Historical Examples It is seldom […]

  • Backplate

    Building Trades. a wood or metal plate serving as a backing for a structural member. Armor. a piece of plate armor for protecting the back: worn as part of a cuirass. Historical Examples That princes monogram, the Conde points out, is to be seen on the backplate gilded in relief. Spanish Arms and Armour Albert […]

  • Back pressure

    a resistant pressure exerted by liquid or gas against the forward motion or flow of an exhaust or pipe system: Careful control of backpressure ensures an even supply of oil from the well. Historical Examples Its use is to show the amount of back pressure, and in a condensing engine to show the degree of […]

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