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Back row

noun (functioning as singular or pl)
(rugby Union)

the forwards at the rear of a scrum
(as modifier): an Australian back-row forward

Contemporary Examples

Juror No. 4, in the back row, closed his eyes while listening.
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Six: Dottie Defends Her Man Diane Dimond June 18, 2012

Juror number eleven, a mechanic sitting in the back row, adopts a similar posture.
John Edwards Jury Deliberations Stretch into Day Six Diane Dimond May 23, 2012

Several jurors in the back row leaned forward to take a good look.
Casey’s Bombshell Accusation Diane Dimond May 23, 2011

Historical Examples

Finally, she succeeded in banishing her to the back row of the chorus.
Queens of the French Stage H. Noel Williams

“I will remain in the back row where I can see well enough,” said Bladud.
The Hot Swamp R.M. Ballantyne

George Brand and his friend Evelyn sat in the back row of chairs, watching the people pass and repass.
Sunrise William Black

“They are in the back row, so you can have them if you care to,” he answered.
The Master Mummer E. Phillips Oppenheim

He seated himself modestly in the back row, while John Rudstock, less retiring, took his place at the chairman’s right hand.
Tatterdemalion John Galsworthy

Then I sat down in the back row of the circle to await events.
Prester John John Buchan

I sat in the back row of seats, under the shadow of the gallery, where I could see him without his seeing me.
The New Magdalen Wilkie Collins


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