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the practice of making a loud and effusive display of friendliness, cordiality, etc., as by slapping persons on the back.
to subject to backslapping.
to engage in backslapping.
a hearty slap on the back given as a token of affability or congratulation:
The bridegroom received many a warm handshake and backslap.
Historical Examples

Only the Governor’s back-slapping mediation had allowed them to reach a politically stable relationship.
A Mixture of Genius Arnold Castle

Isn’t the thing he lacks the back-slapping jocosity that passes for humor here?
Main Street Sinclair Lewis

Here happened that accident of the back-slapping so frequently alluded to by her ladyship.
All Sorts and Conditions of Men Walter Besant

Such hand-shaking and back-slapping and outcries of honest pleasure as greeted him!
Grenfell: Knight-Errant of the North Fullerton Waldo

Loud, back-slapping men, gabbling endlessly about baseball players.
A Book of Burlesques H. L. Mencken

energetically jovial; hearty


Demonstratively friendly: the back-slapping jocosity that passes for humor here (1777+)


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