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Back story

a narrative providing a history or background context, especially for a character or situation in a literary work, film, or dramatic series.
Contemporary Examples

And he and I worked out how we were going to do the back story because the hair has to do something.
The ‘American Hustle’ Style Guide Erin Cunningham February 13, 2014

On Jerusalem, Laura Rozen of Al-Monitor has the back story here.
God and Jerusalem and “Rare” Michael Tomasky September 5, 2012

Howard Kurtz on the back story—and what it spells for Katie Couric.
Behind the CBS News Shakeup Howard Kurtz February 7, 2011

The back story here is that reporting on the details of competing budget proposals is monstrously boring.
The Gov’t’s Shutdown Sham Howard Kurtz March 1, 2011

The back story begins in 1989, when Brown won the chairmanship of the California Democratic Party.
Bubba vs. Moonbeam Joe Mathews October 14, 2010

The back story makes these spare, compelling performances all the more interesting.
New Dylan Recordings Unveiled Sean Wilentz August 23, 2010

the events which take place before, and which help to bring about, the events portrayed in a film

c.1990, from background story.


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