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Back walkover

See under walkover (def 4).
Racing. a walking or trotting over the course by a contestant who is the only starter.
an unopposed or easy victory.
any task easily done.
Gymnastics. a vertical rotation of the body from a standing position, performed by leaning forward to a brief handstand and bringing the legs over and back down to the floor one at a time (front walkover) or by arching backward to a similar handstand and returning the feet to the floor (back walkover)
(informal) an easy or unopposed victory
(horse racing)

the running or walking over the course by the only contestant entered in a race at the time of starting
a race won in this way

verb (intransitive, mainly preposition)
(also adverb) to win a race by a walkover
(informal) to beat (an opponent) conclusively or easily
(informal) to take advantage of (someone)


A strike: There’s a walkout at the supermarkets right now (late 1880s+ Labor union)


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