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a board placed at or forming the back of anything.
Basketball. a board or other flat vertical surface to which the basket is attached.
Contemporary Examples

Ramos was still showing no signs of life when they got him on a backboard and into the ambulance.
‘Please Don’t Die!’: The Frantic Battle to Save Murdered Cops Michael Daly December 21, 2014

Historical Examples

One of the men jumped down, and fumbled at the iron pins which kept the backboard of the cart in its place.
The Mark Of Cain Andrew Lang

The Midshipman lay across the backboard, staring out to the port-quarter.
H.M.S. —- Klaxon

Just off an old drain I found an overturned wagon with a loophole cut through the backboard.
“Over There” with the Australians R. Hugh Knyvett

I helped the girl into the backboard and climbed in beside her.
Harvard Stories Waldron Kintzing Post

And the men let down the backboard, and they put in all their things: all their poles and the bars and the shovel.
The Doers William John Hopkins

Already half its weight was supported by the dray’s backboard.
McTeague Frank Norris

Also, a backboard of half-inch board, to correspond (Fig. 14).
Golden Days for Boys and Girls Various

The end of the piano was twitched sharply from the backboard.
McTeague Frank Norris

Aid with two well-directed taps he knocked the pins out of their sockets, and let down the backboard of the cart.
The Mark Of Cain Andrew Lang

a board that is placed behind something to form or support its back
a board worn to straighten or support the back, as after surgery
(in basketball) a flat upright surface supported on a high frame, under which the basket is attached

backboard back·board (bāk’bôrd’)

A board placed under or behind something to provide firmness or support.

A board placed beneath the body of a person with an injury to the neck or back, used especially in transporting the person in such a way as to avoid further injury.


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