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a person who supports or aids a person, cause, enterprise, etc.
a person who bets on a competitor in a race or contest.
canvas or other material used for backing.
Contemporary Examples

When a golfer is out there on the course, any new bet he makes is probably made with his own money, without the help of a backer.
Portrait of the Consummate Con Man John Lardner May 16, 2014

backer says he relishes the idea of the issue going to court.
Hillary’s SuperPAC War Proves Yet Again That Campaign Finance Needs a Fix Michelle Cottle January 27, 2014

How does Ready for Hillary respond to the allegation from backer et al?
Hillary’s SuperPAC War Proves Yet Again That Campaign Finance Needs a Fix Michelle Cottle January 27, 2014

Ironically, Hezbollah and its backer Iran have not always had an antagonistic relationship with al-Qaeda.
Hezbollah, Jabhat al-Nusra Set for Showdown in Syria Jamie Dettmer March 13, 2013

In the cover story, Ferguson says he was a McCain backer who decided to be a “good loser.”
On Niall Ferguson Michael Tomasky August 19, 2012

Historical Examples

Ford drew a breath of relief and shook hands with his backer.
Empire Builders Francis Lynde

“That’s what the Public are up against in this game,” sneered the backer of Lucretia.
Thoroughbreds W. A. Fraser

“I’ll take two to one The Dutchman gets it,” said a backer of that horse.
Thoroughbreds W. A. Fraser

He was fond of Szczepanik and Szczepanik’s backer, Mr. Kleinburg.
Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete Albert Bigelow Paine

Be my backer in this enterprise and let the future wipe out the mistakes of the past.
The Long Chance Peter B. Kyne

a person who gives financial or other support
a person who bets on a competitor or contestant

“supporter,” 1580s, agent noun from back (v.).


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