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a game for two persons played on a board having two tables or parts, each marked with 12 points, and with both players having 15 pieces that are moved in accordance with throws of the dice.
a victory at this game, especially one resulting in a tripled score.
to defeat at backgammon, especially to win a triple score over.
Contemporary Examples

“Getting together for a game of chess, backgammon, or just to have a conversation,” the rakers report reads.
9 Secrets of the NYPD’s Spy Unit Revealed in ‘Enemies Within’ Abby Haglage August 28, 2013

The great thing about backgammon is that if you win, you’re a killer, but if you lose, you’re just unlucky.
My Celebrity College Roommate Kathleen Kingsbury, Jaimie Etkin August 29, 2009

Slim countertops had brown and white cushioned seats under them—circular and clean like backgammon pieces.
Why Is McDonald’s Getting Fancy? Mike Albo December 27, 2009

“Traditionally, older Iranian men have smoked opium in their poetry readings and backgammon gatherings,” says Bahari.
As Iran’s Marijuana Trade Thrives, Is It Becoming a Nation of Stoners? IranWire August 9, 2014

The pair hit it off betting on backgammon, posting the results of their matches prominently.
My Celebrity College Roommate Kathleen Kingsbury, Jaimie Etkin August 29, 2009

Historical Examples

In the coffee-houses, besides smoking and gossiping, we also played games, either chess or backgammon or munkula.
War in the Garden of Eden Kermit Roosevelt

Marjorie looked up from the backgammon board at which she and Mary were seated.
Marjorie Dean Pauline Lester

The gun, travelling-bag, and backgammon board, were found in his lodgings.
The Chronicles of Crime or The New Newgate Calendar. v. 2/2 Camden Pelham

You will say, Why not take to backgammon, or ecarte, or amuse yourself with a book?
The Fitz-Boodle Papers William Makepeace Thackeray

backgammon is also a favorite play, and there are several forms of it.
Child-Life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories Mrs. M. Chaplin Ayrton

a game for two people played on a board with pieces moved according to throws of the dice
the most complete form of win in this game

1640s, baggammon, the second element from Middle English gamen, ancestor of game; the first element because pieces are sometimes forced to go “back.” Known 13c.-17c. as tables.

See bignum, moby, pseudoprime.
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