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Backgate parole

backgate parole

noun phrase

The death of a prisoner from natural causes (1920s+ Prison)


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  • Backdoor selling

    noun the sale of goods by wholesalers directly to consumers in violation of agreements with retailers

  • Backdoor trots

    backdoor trots noun phrase Diarrhea (1700s+ British, now chiefly Canadian)

  • Backdown

    a withdrawal from a previously held position, especially in the face of superior power or upon further consideration. Historical Examples The “minute-men” declared Mr. Toombs’ letter was a backdown. Robert Toombs Pleasant A. Stovall Hard words and a wrangle followed, but Smith did not change expression, and there was a backdown. Whispering Smith Frank H. […]

  • Backdraught

    noun a reverse movement of air, gas, or liquid an explosion that occurs when air reaches a fire that has used up all the available oxygen, often occurring when a door is opened to the room containing the fire

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