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(Brit, informal) a ride on the back of someone’s bicycle


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  • Backing

    aid or support of any kind. supporters or backers collectively. something that forms the back or is placed at or attached to the back of anything to support, strengthen, or protect it. Theater. a curtain or flat placed behind a window, entrance, or other opening in a stage set to conceal the offstage area. material […]

  • Backing dog

    noun (NZ & Austral) a dog that moves a flock of sheep by jumping on their backs

  • Backing light

    Also called backing striplight, backing strip. Theater. a striplight providing diffused illumination for the background of a stage set. backup light.

  • Backing store

    noun a computer storage device, usually a disk, that provides additional storage space for information so that it can be accessed and referred to when required and may be copied into the processor if needed 1. Computer memory, usually magnetic disks, storing data and programs. Sections of this information can then be copied into the […]

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