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a sudden, forceful backward movement; recoil.
a strong or violent reaction, as to some social or political change:
a backlash of angry feeling among Southern conservatives within the party.

the space between the thickness of a gear tooth and the width of the space between teeth in the mating gear, designed to allow for a film of lubricant, binding from heat expansion and eccentricity, or manufacturing inaccuracies.
play or lost motion between loosely fitting machine parts.

Angling. a snarled line on a reel, usually caused by a faulty cast.
to make or undergo a backlash.
a reaction or recoil between interacting worn or badly fitting parts in a mechanism
the play between parts
a sudden and adverse reaction, esp to a political or social development: a public backlash against the government is inevitable

1815, of machinery, from back (adj.) + lash (n.). In metaphoric sense, it is attested from 1955.


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