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behind the proscenium in a theater, especially in the wings or dressing rooms.
toward the rear of the stage; upstage.
out of view of the public; in private; behind the scenes:
Many of the deals were made backstage at the convention.
located or occurring backstage.
of or relating to activities unknown to the public.
of or relating to the private lives of people in the entertainment industry:
backstage gossip.
Theater. a backstage area.
Contemporary Examples

“Everybody told me I had this voice for the radio,” Bass says backstage on a recent summer evening.
Lance Bass Launches a Comeback Ramin Setoodeh August 1, 2011

But once backstage, you realize that each performer plays many parts.
A Backstage Love Affair With Cirque du Soleil Allison McNearney November 30, 2014

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham treated her backstage crew to an order of Cronuts on Sunday after her Spring/Summer 2014 show.
Did Victoria Beckham Serve Faux-Nuts? Lori-Lee Emshey September 9, 2013

Madonna introduced them and Yoko Ono assured them backstage that “every step you take will change the world.”
The Feminists of Pussy Riot and Femen Who Stood Up To Putin Lizzie Crocker March 9, 2014

There’s a certain amount of backstage technical work to do, but the position is mostly editorial.
Help Wanted David Frum August 5, 2012

Historical Examples

Tim hustled us backstage, where Lil and I used to sweat over the animatronics and cop surreptitious feels.
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Cory Doctorow

He smoked a cigarette and tried making small talk with some of the soldiers on backstage detail.
The Second Voice Mann Rubin

From the backstage speakers came the smooth rhythm of a band playing a march trio.
The Best Made Plans Everett B. Cole

A book on The Theater, both “backstage” and “the front of the house.”
The Theory of the Theatre Clayton Hamilton

“Oh, sure,” Jerry agreed, pursuing her backstage and down a corridor.
Swamp Island Mildred A. Wirt

behind the part of the theatre in view of the audience; in the dressing rooms, wings, etc
towards the rear of the stage
situated backstage
(informal) away from public view

also back-stage, 1898, from back (adj.) + stage (n.).


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