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slanting backward or away from the front.
Aeronautics, sweptback.
slanting backwards
another word for sweptback


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  • Backswimmer

    any of numerous predaceous aquatic hemipterous insects, of the family Notonectidae, that swim on their backs, and may inflict a painful bite if handled.

  • Back slang

    noun a type of slang in which words are spelled and, as far as possible, pronounced backwards Historical Examples For instance, woman in the back slang is nammow, and nammows is women. The Slang Dictionary John Camden Hotten I’d ha’ run it off into back slang, and ha’ done it most willing and free. Punch, […]

  • Backsword

    a sword with only one sharp edge; broadsword. (formerly) a cudgel having a basket hilt, used in fencing exhibitions. a backswordman. Historical Examples My backsword play hath been thought well of by stout men of war. Micah Clarke Arthur Conan Doyle backsword play: the game of single-stick, or fencing with cudgels. Tom Brown at Rugby […]

  • Backswordman

    a person who uses a backsword.

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