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a seaport on N Negros, in the central Philippines.
Historical Examples

It was a telegram, transmitted by carrier from Bacolod, which was in cable communication with Ilo-Ilo.
Caybigan James Hopper

They landed us at Bacolod, and Miller left me to report to the Sup.
The Spinner’s Book of Fiction Various

Rumours of ladrone raids reaching Bacolod had caused the sending of a detachment; it was to garrison Barang indefinitely.
Caybigan James Hopper

The most hot-headed of all was the leader, the Sultan of Bacolod.
The Story of General Pershing Everett T. (Everett Titsworth) Tomlinson

I had crossed over for supplies; he was fresh from Manila and wanted to get over to Bacolod to report to the Sup.
The Spinner’s Book of Fiction Various

The supplies had come from Bacolod (very strangely, in ox-carts belonging to the municipality of Cantalacan).
Caybigan James Hopper

The affair of her assignment continued to be much of a lark during the two weeks spent in Bacolod awaiting transportation.
Caybigan James Hopper

a town in the Philippines, on the NW coast of Negros Island. Pop: 468 000 (2005 est)


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