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Bacterial aneurysm

bacterial aneurysm

bacterial aneurysm n.
An aneurysm caused by the growth of bacteria within the vessel wall, usually following impaction of a septic embolus.


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  • Bacterial canker

    a disease of plants, characterized by cankers and usually by exudation of gum, caused by bacteria, as of the genera Pseudomonas and Corynebacterium.

  • Bacterial capsule

    bacterial capsule bacterial capsule n. A mucopolysaccharide outer shell enveloping certain bacteria.

  • Bacterial endocarditis

    a bacterial infection of the inner lining of the heart, most often of the heart valves, characterized by fever, enlarged spleen, and heart murmur. bacterial endocarditis n. Infectious endocarditis caused by the direct invasion of bacteria and leading to deformity of the heart valves.

  • Bacterial endarteritis

    bacterial endarteritis bacterial endarteritis n. The implantation and growth of bacteria with formation of vegetations on the arterial wall.

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