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Bacterial plaque

another term for dental plaque

bacterial plaque n.
See dental plaque.


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  • Bacterial virus

    bacterial virus bacterial virus n. A virus that injects its genome into a host bacteria, initiating production of new viruses and viral DNA; a bacteriophage.

  • Bactericidal

    any substance capable of killing bacteria. Historical Examples The recent application of the action of bactericidal rays to the cure of lupus is, however, an extension of the same discovery. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2 Various To the bactericidal effect of sunlight is equally to be attributed the absence of […]

  • Bactericide

    any substance capable of killing bacteria. Contemporary Examples Sure, water filter makers put a bit of bactericide in their products to tamp down the infestation. Are Water Filters B.S.? Michael Schulson August 18, 2014 Historical Examples Ink as a bactericide is less known, but worth consideration. Vagaries Axel Munthe noun a substance able to destroy […]

  • Bacterin

    a vaccine prepared from killed bacteria. noun (obsolete) a vaccine prepared from bacteria bacterin bac·ter·in (bāk’tər-ĭn) n. A suspension of killed or weakened bacteria used as a vaccine.

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