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a vaccine prepared from killed bacteria.
(obsolete) a vaccine prepared from bacteria

bacterin bac·ter·in (bāk’tər-ĭn)
A suspension of killed or weakened bacteria used as a vaccine.


Read Also:

  • Bacterio-

    variant of bacteri-. combining form indicating bacteria or an action or condition relating to or characteristic of bacteria: bacteriology, bactericide, bacteroid bacterio- or bacteri- or bacter- pref. Bacteria; bacterial: bacteriology.

  • Bacteriochlorophyll

    a pale blue-gray form of chlorophyll that is unique to the photosynthetic but anaerobic purple bacteria.

  • Bacteriocide

    bacteriocide bacteriocide bac·te·ri·o·cide (bāk-tēr’ē-ə-sīd’) or bac·te·ri·cide (-tēr’ĭ-sīd’) n. An agent that destroys bacteria. bac·te’ri·o·cid’al (-sīd’l) adj.

  • Bacteriocidin

    bacteriocidin bacteriocidin bac·te·ri·o·cid·in (bāk-tēr’ē-ə-sīd’n) n. An antibody capable of destroying bacteria.

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