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Bacteriological warfare

another term for germ warfare
Historical Examples

bacteriological warfare had broken out and where it would strike next was anybody’s guess.
Prologue to an Analogue Leigh Richmond


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  • Bacteriologist

    a branch of microbiology dealing with the identification, study, and cultivation of bacteria and with their applications in medicine, agriculture, industry, and biotechnology. Historical Examples A bacteriologist is constantly testing the efficiency of the machines by bacteriological examinations of the Pasteurized milk. Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, September 1899 Various The bacteriologist’s existence became a ceaseless […]

  • Bacteriolysis

    disintegration or dissolution of bacteria. noun the destruction or disintegration of bacteria bacteriolysis bac·te·ri·ol·y·sis (bāk-tēr’ē-ŏl’ĭ-sĭs) n. pl. bac·te·ri·ol·y·ses (-sēz’) Dissolution or destruction of bacteria. bac·te’ri·o·lyt’ic (-ə-lĭt’ĭk) adj.

  • Bacteriolysin

    bacteriolysin bacteriolysin bac·te·ri·ol·y·sin (bāk-tēr’ē-ŏl’ĭ-sĭn, -ə-lī’sĭn) n. An antibody that, together with other substances, destroys a bacterium.

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