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Bacteroides capillosus

bacteroides capillosus

Bacteroides capillosus Bacteroides cap·il·lo·sus (kāp’ə-lō’səs)
A species bacterium found in human cysts and wounds, the mouth, and feces.


Read Also:

  • Bacteroides disiens

    bacteroides disiens Bacteroides disiens Bacteroides di·si·ens (dī’sē-ənz) n. A bacterium found in abdominal and urogenital infections and in the mouth.

  • Bacteroides fragilis

    bacteroides fragilis Bacteroides fragilis Bacteroides frag·i·lis (frāj’ə-lĭs) n. A bacterium that is one of the predominant microorganisms in the lower intestinal tract of humans.

  • Bacteroides melaninogenicus

    bacteroides melaninogenicus Bacteroides melaninogenicus Bacteroides me·lan·i·no·gen·i·cus (mə-lān’ə-nō-jěn’ĭ-kəs) n. A bacterium found in the mouth, in feces, and in infections of the respiratory, urogenital, or intestinal tracts, pathogenic only in association with other microorganisms.

  • Bacteroides oris

    bacteroides oris Bacteroides oris Bacteroides o·ris (ôr’ĭs) n. A bacterium found in the gingival crevice and in abscesses of the face, neck, or chest.

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