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Bad business

bad business

noun phrase

A morally questionable activity: He has some bad business going on with the guys from the ‘hood
Poor business conduct: That is just bad business to have ill-groomed servicepeople

Contemporary Examples

It’s bad business, he hastened to add, but if that’s what they want to do, the state should not be able to compel them otherwise.
The Weirdness That Is Rand Paul Michael Tomasky April 10, 2013

He said that pushing Lambert off the show was just a bad business decision.
Five Gays Blast GMA Jacob Bernstein November 23, 2009

But it’s also because, from the APF’s point of view, pretension is bad business.
Little Gimmicks Fund Big Exhibits W.M. Akers September 21, 2010

Historical Examples

“This is a bad business up-stairs, Mrs. Tugby,” said the gentleman.
A Budget of Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens and Others Various

Probably they had struck our trail and were in pursuit; it was a bad business at the best!
Chatterbox, 1906 Various

It would have been a bad business, testifying in court against Mrs. Gray’s nephew when he had been visiting in her house.
Grace Harlowe’s Plebe Year at High School Jessie Graham Flower

“That was a bad business,” said Adams, with a look of sympathy.
The Lonely Island R.M. Ballantyne

It’s none of it bad business this, as the estate is entailed, and the boy is Rosy’s.
The Shuttle Frances Hodgson Burnett

My companion said, “It’s a bad business; we cannot do anything with this.”
The Confessions of a Caricaturist, Vol. 1 (of 2) Harry Furniss

“Not a bad business that Porphyrion,” he said absently, as he took his own letter out of his pocket.
Howards End E. M. Forster


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