Bad name

see: give a bad name
Contemporary Examples

No, you are going to ruin any chance you have and give us a bad name.
The Resurrection of Kristen Stewart Marlow Stern October 10, 2014

By contrast, George W. Bush launched two disastrous wars, and in so doing gave GOP bluster a bad name.
Romney Response to Egypt Embassy Attack Makes It Easy for Obama Peter Beinart September 12, 2012

Peter Beinart on how Team Tea is giving populism a bad name.
The Tea Partiers’ Phony Populism Peter Beinart February 7, 2010

His flaw was that he sometimes gave rigor and intellectual honesty a bad name by reminding people how unsettling it can be.
Who’ll Replace Larry Summers? The Daily Beast September 21, 2010

Salon called it a franchise that “is exactly the kind of movie that gives sequels a bad name.”
Top 10 Most Played-Out Movie Franchises Marlow Stern February 16, 2011

Historical Examples

This is the Butterwort (Pinguicula), and it is not a bad name, for the leaves remind one of butter.
The Romance of Plant Life G. F. Scott Elliot

You know you’re giving the school a bad name by being so lazy.
Frank Roscoe’s Secret Allen Chapman

I spoke in some dismay, for in those days privateers bore a bad name.
Athelstane Ford Allen Upward

If your feeling is not pride, why call a good thing by a bad name?
Wilfrid Cumbermede George MacDonald

Like a dog, one may give a word a bad name, yet it may be a good dog and a very good word when rightly used.
Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, April 1899 Various

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