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Bad rap

bum rap.
Contemporary Examples

Most ciders have gotten a bad rap as being too sweet and fruity.
Wine, Watch Out! These Ciders Are Just as Good Jordan Salcito July 18, 2014

Social media often gets a bad rap for its negative portrayals of women.
How Facebook Empowers Girls Kara Cutruzzula March 9, 2012

“Poor Steve Scalise is getting a bad rap,” Knight, a long-time aide to former KKK leader David Duke, told The Daily Beast.
GOP Boss Gets Help From ‘White Hate’ Pal Tim Mak December 29, 2014

Knox never managed to beat the bad rap associated with the accusations against her.
The New Face of Evil Barbie Latza Nadeau December 5, 2009

“I feel bad that Kanye gets the bad rap for dressing me,” she said.
Is Sheryl Sandberg Dodging The Fashion Question?; Vera Wang Charges Dress Try-On Fee The Fashion Beast Team March 24, 2013

Saag Paneer—also known as Palak Paneer—is curried spinach puree with chunks of Indian cheese, and it is a dish with a bad rap.
What to Eat: Indian Dinner Cookstr.com October 26, 2009

The Communist Party of China gets a bad rap for cracking down on religion.
The Buddhist Business of Poaching Animals for Good Karma Brendon Hong December 27, 2014

For decades, blondes have gotten a bad rap, especially when it comes to late night talk show hosts, dirty old men and tween boys.
Breakout Blondes Alison Prato May 25, 2009

As the largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg is sprawling and gets a bad rap for violence and crime.
Gal With a Suitcase Jolie Hunt July 9, 2010

“I think the intelligence community has gotten a bad rap,” he says.
Obama’s Panel on Domestic Spying Abuses Didn’t Pull Its Punches Daniel Klaidman December 19, 2013

noun phrase

An erroneous conviction or sentence; wrongful punishment; bum rap (Underworld)
Any unjustified condemnation: Microsoft gets a bad rap for a reason


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