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cross; cranky; surly; ill-tempered:
a bad-tempered person.
Contemporary Examples

The result was therefore foul-mouthed and bad-tempered in proportion to the force it took to get through my wall of shyness.
Francis Spufford on How Atheists Put Religion Through All the Wrong Tests Francis Spufford October 12, 2013

And still, the bad-tempered second half did not yield a goal.
Spain Achieves Its Destiny Joshua Robinson July 10, 2010

Historical Examples

He was a very disreputable, bad-tempered, altogether ill-conditioned fellow.
A Book of the West. Volume I Devon S. Baring-Gould

Knowles was not bad-tempered, but he was a frequent cause of bad temper in other people.
Audrey Craven May Sinclair

They launched the boat with the utmost caution, lest any noise should awaken the bad-tempered man with the shot-gun.
Harper’s Young People, August 31, 1880 Various

He’s a bad-tempered brute, and I wonder the squire keeps it.
A Final Reckoning G. A. Henty

“You fellows don’t need to get bad-tempered with one another,” he observed.
The Kingdom of the Blind E. Phillips Oppenheim

He was determined not to be bad-tempered, and smiled good-naturedly.
Bird of Paradise Ada Leverson

Ann was awkward about accepting their apologies; and yet she was not naturally a bad-tempered girl.
Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island Alice Emerson

My grandfather’s horse was lean, hardy, and bad-tempered like himself.
Mauprat George Sand

angry, irritable, or ungracious


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