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a simple past tense of bid1 .
to command; order; direct:
to bid them depart.
to express (a greeting, farewell, benediction, or wish):
to bid good night.
Commerce. to offer (a certain sum) as the price one will pay or charge:
They bid $25,000 and got the contract.
Cards. to enter a bid of (a given quantity or suit):
to bid two no-trump.
to summon by invitation; invite.
to command; order; direct:
I will do as you bid.
to make a bid:
She bid at the auction for the old chair.
an act or instance of bidding.

an offer to make a specified number of points or to take a specified number of tricks.
the amount of such an offer.
the turn of a person to bid.

an invitation:
a bid to join the club.
an attempt to attain some goal or purpose:
a bid for election.
Also called bid price. Stock Exchange. the highest price a prospective buyer is willing to pay for a security at a given moment.
bid in, Commerce. to overbid all offers for (property) at an auction in order to retain ownership.
bid up, Commerce. to increase the market price of by increasing bids.
bid fair. fair1 (def 29).
past participle of bide.
Contemporary Examples

I did as she bade me, and left her there when the maid came in.
Read ‘The King in Yellow,’ the ‘True Detective’ Reference That’s the Key to the Show Robert W. Chambers February 19, 2014

Yanukovych bade them farewell and relinquished his right to state guards.
Where in the World Is Yanukovych? Oleg Shynkarenko February 24, 2014

Historical Examples

He said he would do what the Czar bade him, but that his wife should suffer for it all her life.
The Story of My Life, volumes 4-6 Augustus J. C. Hare

He lifted Dennet on his shoulder, and bade her wave her parchment.
The Armourer’s Prentices Charlotte M. Yonge

Dr. Scarth bade them farewell and returned to Scarsdale by the last train.
The King of Diamonds Louis Tracy

Yates bade good-by to the commander, and walked with his friend out of the camp.
In the Midst of Alarms Robert Barr

Nevertheless he reverently greeted the friar and bade him be seated.
With the Black Prince William Osborn Stoddard

Telephassa bade him sit down on the turf beside her, and then she took his hand.
Tanglewood Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne

Then they called Superstition, and bade him look upon the prisoner.
The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan John Bunyan

He looked embarrassed for a moment, and bade her follow him into his study.
Night and Morning, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

past tense of bid
verb bids, bidding, bad, bade, (esp for senses 1, 2, 5, 7) bid, bidden, (esp for senses 1, 2, 5, 7) bid
often foll by for or against. to offer (an amount) in attempting to buy something, esp in competition with others as at an auction
(commerce) to respond to an offer by a seller by stating (the more favourable terms) on which one is willing to make a purchase
(transitive) to say (a greeting, blessing, etc): to bid farewell
to order; command: do as you are bid!
(intransitive) usually foll by for. to attempt to attain power, etc
(transitive) to invite; ask kindly: she bade him sit down
(bridge) to declare in the auction before play how many tricks one expects to make
bid defiance, to resist boldly
bid fair, to seem probable

an offer of a specified amount, as at an auction
the price offered


a statement by a buyer, in response to an offer by a seller, of the more favourable terms that would be acceptable
the price or other terms so stated

an attempt, esp an attempt to attain power

the number of tricks a player undertakes to make
a player’s turn to make a bid

short for bid price

Old English bæd, past tense of bid (v.).

probably a merger of two old words: The sense in bid farewell is from Old English biddan “to ask, entreat, pray, beseech; order; beg” (class V strong verb, past tense bæd, past participle beden), from Proto-Germanic *bidjan “to pray, entreat” (cf. German bitten “to ask,” attested from 8c.), which, according to Kluge and Watkins is from a PIE root *gwhedh- “to ask, pray” (see bead (n.)).

To bid at an auction, meanwhile, is from Old English beodan “offer, proclaim” (class II strong verb; past tense bead, p.p. boden), from Proto-Germanic *biudanan “to stretch out, reach out, offer, present,” (cf. German bieten “to offer”), from PIE root *bh(e)udh- “to be aware, make aware” (cf. Sanskrit bodhati “is awake, is watchful, observes,” buddhah “awakened, enlightened;” Old Church Slavonic bljudo “to observe;” Lithuanian budeti “to be awake;” Old Irish buide “contentment, thanks”). As a noun, 1788, from the verb.
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Spanish Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Inter-American Development Bank)
buoyancy induced dispersion


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