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Robert Stephenson Smyth
[smahyth] /smaɪθ/ (Show IPA), 1st Baron, 1857–1941, British general who founded the Boy Scouts in 1908 and, with his sister Lady Agnes, the Girl Guides in 1910.
Historical Examples

The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie
The Book of the Damned Charles Fort
Adventure Jack London
Peeps at Postage Stamps Stanley Currie Johnson
The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie
The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie
The Great Boer War Arthur Conan Doyle
The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie
The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie
The Story of Baden-Powell Harold Begbie

Robert Stephenson Smyth (smɪθ, smaɪθ), 1st Baron Baden-Powell. 1857–1941, British general, noted for his defence of Mafeking (1899–1900) in the Boer War; founder of the Boy Scouts (1908) and (with his sister Agnes) the Girl Guides (1910)


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