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light, playful banter or raillery.
to banter with or tease (someone) playfully.
Historical Examples

The badinage ceased instantly and an ominous silence fell upon the whole assemblage.
The Song of the Wolf Frank Mayer

“Killing them off” was a matter of badinage with the courtiers.
The Huguenots in France Samuel Smiles.

He supposed it a nonsensical form of badinage, and yet it took his breath.
The Turmoil Booth Tarkington

As a smile dimpled its way into her cheeks, he tired of the badinage.
The Education of Eric Lane Stephen McKenna

Hungry men from the shops and offices and garages of the district were bent on food (not badinage).
Gigolo Edna Ferber

I felt that I was no match for my friend at badinage, and gave it up!
The Big Otter R.M. Ballantyne

He was not so unpractical as he seemed, our friend Tristram, with all his badinage and transparent sophistries.
The Incendiary W. A. (William Augustine) Leahy

He walked slowly over to his mess, followed by the badinage of his superiors.
Tam O’ The Scoots Edgar Wallace

It passes from badinage into personalities and recriminations.
The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 58, August, 1862 Various

While this badinage went on Trent gazed at the woman with idle curiosity.
Anthony Trent, Master Criminal Wyndham Martyn

playful or frivolous repartee or banter

“light railery,” 1650s, from French badinage “playfulness, jesting,” from badiner (v.) “to jest, joke,” from badin “silly, jesting,” from Old Provençal badar “to yawn, gape,” from Late Latin badare “to gape,” from *bat-, the root of abash.


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