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Slang. to speak critically and often disloyally of; disparage:
Why do you bad-mouth your family so much?
Contemporary Examples

Viacom’s billionaire owner wants to know who’s badmouthing his girl-band pet project to The Daily Beast.
Sumner’s Witch Hunt Peter Lauria July 19, 2010

(transitive) (slang) to speak unfavourably about

“abuse someone verbally,” 1941, probably ultimately from noun phrase bad mouth (1835), in Black English, “a curse, spell,” translating an idiom found in African and West Indian languages. Related: Bad-mouthed; bad-mouthing.

noun phrase

: If you can’t say anything good, at least don’t be a bad mouth

verb phrase

To disparage; denigrate: He bad-mouthed everybody (1930s+)


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