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Baffin bay

a part of the Arctic Ocean between W Greenland and E Baffin Island.
Historical Examples

The ocean current which sweeps past this cape, and opens the way to the other side of Baffin Bay, is wonderful.
North-Pole Voyages Zachariah Atwell Mudge

The whaling in Baffin Bay shows a sudden falling off and it seems that the number of ships will be greatly reduced.
The Central Eskimo Franz Boas

Still the floes were far heavier than those met with in Baffin Bay, and by no means to be despised.
The Great Frozen Sea Albert Hastings Markham

Captain Irvine was anxious to reach the northern point of Baffin Bay, where whales were said to abound.
Archibald Hughson W.H.G. Kingston

The current continued the wrong way and the floe upon which they were drifting carried them toward Baffin Bay.
The Greater Republic Charles Morris

The voyage of the “Nautilus” was uneventful until she was far to the northward in Baffin Bay.
Among the Esquimaux Edward S. Ellis

The tides along the northern coast of Greenland are due mainly to the large rise-and-fall occurring at the head of Baffin Bay.
The North Pole Robert E. Peary

By daylight—about five o’clock, after a light meal—we were over Baffin Bay.
Tarrano the Conqueror Raymond King Cummings

It’s rather a bad sign, although, of course, there may be a higher temperature in the corresponding latitude in Baffin Bay.
The Dreadnought of the Air Percy F. Westerman

The ships were last seen by civilized men in Baffin Bay, whence they passed from the knowledge of the world.
True Tales of Arctic Heroism in the New World Adolphus W. Greely

part of the Northwest Passage, situated between Baffin Island and Greenland


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