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Bag of wind


noun phrase

windbag (1890s+)


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  • Bag of worms

    bag of worms Related Terms can of worms noun phrase A complex and troublesome matter; a Pandora’s box: Leave it alone, don’t kick the crawly old can of worms/ the current bag of worms (1950s+) Related Terms open up a can of worms

  • Bag on the side

    bag on the side An extension to an established hack that is supposed to add some functionality to the original. Usually derogatory, implying that the original was being overextended and should have been thrown away, and the new product is ugly, inelegant, or bloated. Also “to hang a bag on the side [of]”. “C++? That’s […]

  • Bag on someone

    bag on someone verb phrase (also bag) To criticize someone; insult; dump on, put down: He’s not like smart. I’m not trying to bag on him/ Far be it from us to bag, but we must say Madonna’s book leaves something to be desired (1980s+ College students)

  • Bag people

    homeless persons collectively.

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