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Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering.
Historical Examples

Bickerton’s and bage’s parties, though working at a much higher altitude, had a similar experience.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

McLean attended to the thermograph which bage and I had installed in the autumn.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

Murphy, bage and Hodgeman were chiefly responsible for the last-named, which was practically completed by February 10.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

bage, in fact, except for a certain strength of humour, is almost more French than English.
The English Novel George Saintsbury

When bage was wondering how long the supply would last, Ninnis and Mertz came to the rescue with sledges and dog-teams.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

This last has sometimes been regarded as bage’s masterpiece: but it does not seem so to the present writer.
The English Novel George Saintsbury

This was one of bage’s charges, destined to take him out for many months in fair and foul weather.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

The most chronic sufferer throughout the vicissitudes of temperature was the clock belonging to bage’s tide-gauge.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

Webb and bage, after a protracted interval, were able to take star observations for time, in order to check the chronometers.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

bage related how he had sailed across the Magnetic Flat by sitting down and raising his arms in the air.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering


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