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baglike; hanging loosely.
Contemporary Examples

We’re saying nothing – except its nice and baggy in all the essential places, isn’t it?
She Bangs! Kate Middleton Has a Fringe! Tom Sykes November 26, 2012

He repeatedly tugged at the waist of his baggy pants to keep them up.
Sandusky Sentenced to 30 to 60 Years: Inside the Courtroom Diane Dimond October 8, 2012

Second, he was to be seen flitting in and out of London Airport wearing beads and baggy white trousers.
What It Was Like to Watch the Beatles Become the Beatles—Nik Cohn Remembers Nik Cohn February 8, 2014

The comedienne is wearing low-top sneakers, a scraggly ponytail, and a baggy T-shirt—one of many outfits in her tomboy oeuvre.
The Nerd Princess Rachel Syme August 5, 2009

People like to attribute laziness to his flowing dreadlocks and his baggy uniform and not running out the pop flies.
Why Manny Ramirez Hates Fans Will Doig March 8, 2009

Historical Examples

The whitened face and baggy costume indicate a connexion also with the continental Pierrot.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5 Various

Was everything, even a baggy young teacher of Arabic, foreordained?
Sacrifice Stephen French Whitman

When a man has baggy trousers nowadays it is from falling on his knees to an automobile—not to a girl.
A Guide to Men Helen Rowland

Grizzled, ageless, watery-eyed, their clothing clean but baggy.
The Risk Profession Donald Edwin Westlake

His trousers, turned up at the ankles, are baggy at the hips and bulge beneath the belted Norfolk jacket that he wears.
Ann Arbor Tales Karl Edwin Harriman

adjective -gier, -giest
(of clothes) hanging loosely; puffed out
noun (pl) -gies
a variant spelling of bagie

“puffed out, hanging loosely,” 1831, from bag (n.) + -y (2). Bagging in this sense is from 1590s. Baggie as a small protective plastic bag is from 1969. Baggies “baggy shorts” is from 1962, surfer slang. Related: Baggily; bagginess.


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