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William Chandler, 1874–1946, U.S. educator and writer.
Historical Examples

Now that Mr. Bagley was no longer there to spy upon their actions these clandestine interviews had been comparatively easy.
The Lion and The Mouse Charles Klein

“Well, I guess that’s about all Dav does,” said Bagley, in a jocular manner.
The Mystery of Murray Davenport Robert Neilson Stephens

When they stopped at Bagley, Vizard suspected where they were going.
The Woman-Hater Charles Reade

“Neither have I,” quoth Bagley, and filled his mouth with mutton and potato.
The Mystery of Murray Davenport Robert Neilson Stephens

“I seem to have been outmaneuvered,” said Mrs. Bagley with a worried frown.
The Fourth R George Oliver Smith

As for Bagley, his risk in producing a play by an unknown man was great.
The Mystery of Murray Davenport Robert Neilson Stephens

“I should think he’d be the very man for you,” said Turl to Bagley.
The Mystery of Murray Davenport Robert Neilson Stephens

Larcher, looking around, saw that Bagley had followed close.
The Mystery of Murray Davenport Robert Neilson Stephens

I am quite sure that your order had no effect, and was intended to have no effect on Mr Bagley’s vote.
Doctor Thorne Anthony Trollope

The guard who shot Bagley was spirited away and never brought to justice.
Homestead Arthur G. Burgoyne


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