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an air base in NE Afghanistan, near Kabul; now under the control of US forces
Contemporary Examples

Meanwhile, outside bagram, a crowd of the “noble” people threw rocks and set an Afghan police booth on fire.
Outcry Over Afghanistan Quran Burnings Shows Misguided ‘Honor’ About Sacred Book Asra Q. Nomani February 21, 2012

We can spend billions to protect bagram Air Base but not the Air Force Academy.
Colorado Blazes Remind Us That National Policy on Fire Needs a Fix Stephen J. Pyne June 28, 2012

As he recovered at bagram Air Base, his unit returned to the States.
As War Nears An End, Our Afghan Translators Are Being Left Behind Jesse Ellison October 20, 2012

The organization is representing nine Pakistani detainees at bagram.
Bagram Prison Inmates Deserve Clear Answers About Their Fates Sarah Belal, Christopher Rogers April 28, 2012

We landed at bagram Air Field, just months after the war began, in a C-17 aircraft.
Meet the Secret Powerbrokers of D.C.: Five Top Women in Communications Abigail Pesta January 17, 2012

In handling the Quran as I did, some—such as the “noble” men pelting rocks at bagram—would say that I dishonored the Quran.
Outcry Over Afghanistan Quran Burnings Shows Misguided ‘Honor’ About Sacred Book Asra Q. Nomani February 21, 2012

Captured in Thailand in 2002 and flown to bagram, according to court records, he has never been allowed to meet with a lawyer.
Obama’s “Global Jail” in Afghanistan Aram Roston July 15, 2012

I wanted to step outside and get some air before we flew back to bagram.
I Shot Bin Laden Elliot Ackerman November 15, 2014


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