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a city on W Luzon, in the N Philippines: summer capital. 4961 feet (1512 meters) high.
Historical Examples

Every Filipino sent to Baguio gained in weight, with the single exception of a messenger who had to run his legs off!
The Philippines: Past and Present (Volume 1 of 2) Dean Conant Worcester

Then if you leave at noon, you should be in Baguio at dinnertime.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

Doctor White, the missionary at Baguio, and his sister took me one day to the tombs of the Igorots.
The Spell of the Hawaiian Islands and the Philippines Isabel Anderson

“The road to Baguio isn’t the safest in the world,” Nast explained.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

One of the very important things about the Baguio climate is its marvellous effect upon victims of tuberculosis.
The Philippines: Past and Present (Volume 1 of 2) Dean Conant Worcester

They checked in, then climbed a nearby hill for a view of Baguio.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

I’ll even forgive you for biting me in Baguio, for that one.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

After the heat of Manila the cool air of Baguio had caused them to sleep like logs.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

Tonight we’ll cover Baguio again to make sure our enemies aren’t still around.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

No one there, or in Baguio either, would dare question Lazada.
The Golden Skull John Blaine

a city in the N Philippines, on N Luzon: summer capital of the Republic. Pop: 287 000 (2005 est)


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