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Bail someone out

bail someone out

verb phrase

To get someone out of a difficult plight; relieve someone of debt, embarrassment, etc: I’ll bail you out this time, but next time bring enough money

[1970s+; fr paying someone’s bail for release fr confinement]


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  • Bail-up

    Cricket. either of the two small bars or sticks laid across the tops of the stumps which form the wicket. British, Australian. a bar, framework, partition, or the like, for confining or separating cows, horses, etc., in a stable. bails, Obsolete. the wall of an outer court of a feudal castle. bail up, Australian. to […]

  • Bail-jumping

    noun the willful failure to appear as required before a judge or court by a person out on bail Examples The prosecutor’s office filed bail-jumping charges today against the man. Word Origin 1881

  • Bail out

    the act of parachuting from an aircraft, especially to escape a crash, fire, etc. an instance of coming to the rescue, especially financially: a government bailout of a large company. an alternative, additional choice, or the like: If the highway is jammed, you have two side roads as bailouts. of, relating to, or consisting of […]

  • Bailable

    capable of being set free on bail. admitting of bail: a bailable offense. Historical Examples She was totally ignorant of the bailable nature of her offence, and therefore expected the utmost that can be imagined. The Chronicles of Crime or The New Newgate Calendar. v. 1/2 Camden Pelham And take a hint; this affair may […]

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